Frequently asked questions

1. Why can I not access some articles or the industry directory?

Some of the content of eprivateclient is only available to paid subscribers, including special new features, archived material and full company details in the industry directory. If you would like to take out a subscription, please click here or contact us at

2. I am having trouble accessing current stories but I am logged in

eprivateclient remembers who you are using cookies. Sometimes the cookie becomes "stuck" with old or incorrect information and may prohibit you from accessing parts of the site to which you are entitled. If this happens follow the below procedure:

a. Go to Look in the upper left hand corner, and log out if it says "Welcome, ...".

b. Go to Tools on your menu bar, then Internet Options. On the first tab, in the middle section, please click the "Delete Cookies" button, then click OK to the next prompt. When this has finished, please click "Delete Files" (this deletes tags in your temporary internet file which are used to help your browser load quicker when you go to a site you have been to before - it does not delete any files which are critical) and delete all offline content.

c. Click OK to the Internet Options window. d. Close all your browser windows, re-open one and go to and re-enter your username and password.

3. How can I obtain help in accessing any areas of the site?

If you are having any problems accessing areas of eprivateclient please contact our help desk email:

4. How do I change my personal details?

On the menu Bar click on My Account and follow the instructions on the page 5.

How do I tailor the content I receive from eprivateclient?

On the menu Bar click on My Account and follow the instructions on the page

6. How do I subscribe?

You can request a subscription to eprivateclient in the following ways: - online at - by telephone on +44 (0) 207 869 8043 - by email to - by mail to Subscriptions Department, PAM Insight Ltd 107 Cheapside London EC2V 6DN United Kingdom You will have restricted access to the site as soon as your order is received and full access when payment is received.

7. Who do I contact with subscription questions?

If you have questions about your subscription, email

8. How do I order back issues of PAM Insight Ltd.'s magazines?

To order back issues, email

9. How do I read eprivateclient from my Blackberry?

To see the step-by-step instructions on reading eprivateclient from your Blackberry, please click here