Courage and kindess are key in leadership, explains eprivateclient 50 Most Influential

22/09/2017 Beth Abel

Courage and kindness are important in leadership, and everyone should have a mentor to guide them, private client partner at law firm Penningtons Manches Clare Archer told the fifth eprivateclient Leadership Insight Seminar on 19 September 2017.

Ms Archer joined Penningtons Manches in 2011 from Rooks Ryder, where she trained and became a partner in 2002. At Penningtons Manches, she joined two existing partners to head up the private client team. Shortly after her arrival at the firm, it merged with two other companies, leading to “a host of new private client partners with a wide range of skills and abilities”.

The new members of staff were “entrepreneurial” and “owned their careers”, highlighting that there is “so much room in firms for people who want to be invested in their careers”.

According to Ms Archer, Penningtons Manches has grown ‘rapidly’ and “seen a lot of change”. Ms Archer stated that her mentor at the firm “ensured she was involved” and encouraged her to “say what you want”.

When her mentor passed away several years ago, the difficult time “saw the strength of the team grow” and saw her peers “be the best of themselves”.

With regard to ‘tricky situations’ in a more general sense, Ms Archer said: “We all hit difficult patches in our careers, some things go well, some not so well, but having an openness to the people you are with and having people on your side supporting you, as well as having someone as invested in your career as you are, either inside or outside your team, is very important.”

In addition, she noted that treating everyone you work with with a mutual respect is crucial, and leaders should “understand what your values are”. Leaders should also be aware of the need for a work life balance, and ensure that individuals’ private lives work with their professional lives.

The fifth eprivateclient Leadership Insight Seminar was sponsored by Ruffer LLP and hosted at the London office of Penningtons Manches. 

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