Credibility, reliability, intimacy and self-orientation key to success, leadership seminar told

23/02/2018 Will Sidery

Taking on her new role as national head of divorce and family law at Irwin Mitchell Private Wealth, has been “the most challenging experience ever”, Ros Bever told an audience of young professionals in London this week at the 6th eprivateclient Leadership Seminar.

The theme for the seminar was ‘Challenges through Leadership’ and Ms Bever, who took up her role in July 2017 explained that taking over the reins of the team had been a “very difficult challenge” as the team was based across 11 locations throughout the UK and when she took over found that the teams around the country “were working in silo – working together in the short term but at a cost of culture, buy in and retention.”

For Ms Bever herself she had had to make the change from being a fee earner interested in the technical side of her role into a position where she is responsible for a team and that for her “leadership is about inspiring others to achieve shared aspirations”

She explained that it is important to “bring people together so they ‘buy in’” to working together and there is a “need to operate as one team in order to succeed.”

Ms Bever said that it was a culture shock for some of the team when she took over and initially her “approach may be at the expense of fee income but in the long term it is the right path.”

Ms Bever said that in leading her team she looked to them to service clients to be the best in brand, to be motivated and happy as part of the team, share the same values and have an inclusive and collaborative vision.

A good leader needs to display four traits to be successful, Ms Bever explained, with credibility, reliability, intimacy and self-orientation key to a team’s success.

The first two are very important, she added, “especially in a change management situation.”

Ms Bever went on to add that at the same time it was important to harness and drive talent within a team and also be aware of one’s own limitations. She also advocated leaders showing intuition “but at the same time reflection teaches you a great deal.”

The sixth eprivateclient Leadership Insight Seminar was sponsored by Ruffer LLP and hosted at the London office of Wedlake Bell on 22/02/2018.

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