Villa in Arbuthnot bankruptcy action against Boris Becker taken over by nudist squatter

29/05/2018 News Team

Bankrupt former tennis star Boris Becker’s EUR15 million Mallorca mansion has been taken over by a nudist hippy squatter.

The estate was at one stage was to have been re-mortgaged by the German sportsman but this was rejected by a London court last year after Arbuthnot Latham applied for him to be declared bankrupt over debts to the private bank.

Mr Becker, 50, had hoped to have raised EUR6 million by re-mortgaging the mansion, Son Coll.

Now bearded German George Berres says he plans to “save” the empty property, near the rural village of Arta after pruning weeds and collecting litter with friends also thought to be staying there.

The former carpenter, 44 told reporters that he would leave peacefully if the police asked him to.

Bohemian Mr Berres, who has lived on the island since 2014, has previously squatted in a number of empty houses.

Mr Becker posted on Twitter to deny owning the villa, writing: “Just to be clear: I don't own any Finca on the beautiful island of Mallorca! Amused by the ‘story’ myself.”

But the Wimbledon legend is thought to retain the deeds via a third party.

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