Inheritance battles back in news following celebrity 'bitter dispute' - Coffin Mew

26/07/2017 News Team

The ongoing “bitter dispute” between late Lynda Bellingham’s widower and children has put inheritance ‘battles’ back in the news, according to an associate solicitor at law firm Coffin Mew.

After receiving £50,000 each from a £5 million estate left by Ms Bellingham, who died in October 2014, her sons Michael and Robbie Peluso are reportedly in a dispute with their step-father Michael Pattemore.

Associate solicitor Chris Gambs said: “Trouble is reported to have arisen after allegations that [Ms] Bellingham’s will was prepared whilst she was on medication. This was then compounded post-death by the spending habits of their step-father and his new relationship. Both children work and so they would face difficulty bringing claims, notwithstanding the alleged unfair split of the estate.”

Mr Gambs added: “Outside the world of celebrity, last week a Judge in Leeds made an award in favour of an adult daughter who had been estranged from her father and, along with her siblings, excluded from his will. The claim succeeded on the basis that the daughter needed maintenance to take a course to qualify as a veterinary nurse.

“Where an inheritance claim is brought, early and collaborative engagement with all parties is the best way forward. Whilst these claims are challenging, they have not been ended by Ilott, therefore clear and timely inheritance planning is more necessary than ever.”

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