EXCLUSIVE: 2018 eprivateclient Top Trust Companies revealed

04/06/2018 Will Sidery

Welcome to the 2018 eprivateclient Top Trust Company rankings, an in depth look at the leading fiduciary service providers for private clients across the globe.

For 2018 36 firms are included in the tiered rankings with 13 firms in Tier I, 14 in Tier II and a further nine in Tier III.

The tiers are not based on size alone but on reputation, quality of service, how the firms have fared in the past 12 months, any M&A activity, as well as the extent of their global offering.

The 13 trust companies in Tier I have a total of 583 directors (an average of 45 per firm), 2721 client facing trust officers and managers (an average of 209 per firm) and global private client fee income in 2017 of £867.6 million at an average per firm of over £66.7 million. 

The 14 firms featuring in Tier II had an average of 16 directors and 55 trust officers (222 and 764 overall respectively) and had a combined fee income of £228.3 million last year or £16.3 million per firm. 

The nine companies in Tier III employ 72 directors and 172 client facing trust officers working for them (an average of 8 directors and 19 trust officers per firm) and generated combined income of £62.3 million (£6.9 million per firm).

Across the entire rankings the 36 firms employ almost 11,600 staff including 877 directors, 3657 trust officers/managers and generated fee income of almost £1.2 billion in 2017.

To see the 2018 eprivateclient Top Trust Companies please click here

The 2018 eprivateclient Top Trust Companies is kindly supported by Seven Investment Management.

A champagne reception will be held for the winners in London on 25 June 2018.

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