Isle of Man launches cyber security office

20/10/2017 News Team

The Isle of Man has launched the Office of Cyber Security and Information Assurance (OCSIA), as announced by Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK.

The opening follows a Council of Ministers’ Directive authorising the establishment of a distinct function within the Cabinet Office to focus on all parts of cyber security. The Directive highlights that a well-publicised attack against the Isle of Man’s health service, financial sector or critical national infrastructure would have a damaging effect on the Island’s reputation.

Furthermore, it states that to manage this threat, immediate action is required, hence the OCSIA will concentrate on a number of related areas including information risk, cyber security and data protection. It will act as a focal point in developing the government’s cyber resilience and work in partnership with private and third sector organisations across the island, as well as the wider population.

OCSIA will act as the driving force behind transformative programme, the National Cyber Security and Information Assurance Programme, which is designed to test, evaluate and promote cyber security, cyber resilience and information assurance for all of the Isle of Man. It will also coordinate the publication of a national cyber security strategy by the end of this year.

The work will ensure that departments, boards, offices and other public authorities can deter and defend against cybercrime by maintaining and sharing information. Furthermore, it will provide assurance that all government entities are operating at an appropriate level of cyber security and support the wider all-Government response to a cyber-incident.

OCSIA, which will offer central policy advice, standards, direction and support to allow all departments and statutory boards to defend against cyber-crime, will report into executive director for government technology services, Richard Wild.

Chief Minister Mr Quayle commented: “We all know that cyber-related incidents, including attacks on governments, businesses and individuals, are an ever-increasing risk in the modern world.  It is vital that we are able to effectively respond to these dangers and to do this we need appropriate resources, policies and procedures.

“This is why the Council of Ministers issued a Policy Directive for the creation of OCSIA and why its success is so important. It will have the resources and the autonomy, as a discrete function within the Cabinet Office, to put its plans in to action, and to do so quickly.”

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