Newlyweds receive almost £700 in cash gifts but spend it on bills

12/07/2018 News Team

British newlyweds receive £680.34 on average in cash gifts at their wedding, but the majority spend it on home improvements, household bills and settling debt, according to research conducted by One4all, the Post Office gift card.

In a survey of 750 married adults, One4all discovered that the majority (70 percent) of respondents asked for cash gifts at their wedding, but just 5 percent spent it on their honeymoon as planned.

Couples in Sheffield received the most in cash gifts (£952.94), followed by newlyweds in Belfast who received on average £895.51 in cash gifts at their wedding.

According to the research, British wedding guests spend £60.82 per wedding gift on average and 1 in 10 (10 percent) said that they would be upset if they knew a couple had spent their cash gift on anything other than its intended purpose. As a result, 1 in 5 (20 percent) believe giving gift cards is preferable to reduce the chance of the money being spent on bills. 

Rachel Delaney, group marketing manager at One4all Gift Cards, commented: “It’s understandable that after saving and paying for a wedding, newlyweds might want to relieve the financial pressure they are under but it’s important to remember that the gifts they are given by loved ones are given for them to enjoy.

“A solution for guests and engaged couples asking for gifts would be to ask for gift cards and vouchers which can help pay for honeymoons or experiences for the couple to enjoy rather than being blown on household bills.”

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